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Custom Kit Process

Our biggest goal is to change the way you think of custom kit ordering. we want to make it easy and seemless for you to design, order and receive your kit.

Our focus is on a personalized experience. Allowing you to feel great about the designs, technical features and prices. We will work closely with you through every step and even after delivery to make sure you are extremely satisfied.

Below is a step by step timeline for our custom kit process.

1 - Design Brief Meeting

We love to chat about designs. After you reach out to us we will set up a time to chat one on one about your ideas and goals. From there we will build a plan that best suits those needs.

2 - Design Finalized (2-3 weeks)

For as long as needed we will work back and forth with you on your ideas to land on a final product you love. This normal takes around 2 weeks.

3 - Online Store

Once you deisgns are finalized its time to get your store live. We will pick out all the specific products, features and disucss prices. From here we set up your own Custom Kit Store so your club, team or mates can go online and order. This can stay open for as long or as short as you like.

4 - Order Window Closes

After you store has collected all the orders need the store will close. We will then colate the order and send it to your factory for production. At this point very few changes can be made so we like to take our time and get it right.

5 - Production (2-4 weeks)

Sit back and relax! Your order is in production. This is the most crucial part of the whole process and so it takes a bit of time to create perfection.

6 - Quality Check

Before shipment we check all our orders for quality issues. Providing it passes we get your order ready for shipment.

7 - Shipment (1 week)

Your order is on the way! Based on what you prefer we can ship in bulk to one location or individually to multiple club members. Up to you.

8 - New Kit Day

Your kit arrives. For us the biggest part of this is receiving feedback and imagery. So please, share!

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