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Our Mission

To provide the best designs, performance products and
personal service through a completely sustainable process to our customers.

Emotion and Technology for Epic rides, cycling stories and our joint passion for the road

About Mektrax

Mektrax is the result of a career in fashion, sportswear apparel development, and a life time’s passion of cycling.

Our mission is to build a brand that combines the very best in sports technology fused with the drama and beauty of fashion.   

Our values are credibility through great service, the very best and latest in safety features and the use of sustainable fabrics, processes and involvement with the sport of cycling

Emotion and Technology we believe describes our brand integrity and who we are as cyclists.

Christopher Swan

Nearly 30 years ago Mektrax Ltd was first incorporated by Algy Swan in the Northeast of
England as an electronics company manufacturing high quality circuit boards.


Many years later his son Christopher and grandson Daniel proudly re-established the company
name and we now interpret the local Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Geordie slang ‘mektrax’
– ‘to make progress’ as a high performance, quality road cycling company.

I blame my passion for cycling on a touring holiday in Scotland with two friends
(John & Lewis). We had two weeks of perfect weather and came back fitter
than ever and very tanned. 

My bike was an old steel framed beast which was painted to look decent, but it
worked perfectly. We cycled past landmarks such as the Glen Eagles Hotel, over
the Forth Road Bridge, through the beautiful Trossachs and Oban and then heading south down the road with Loch Lomand on our left (no Nessy to be seen!!)

Very shortly after this I joined Barnsbury CC whos club jersey was bright yellow, which I loved of course. This quickly led to the absolute need
for a new bike, a Blue Denton made with Ti Reynolds double butted alloy and we all know that particular road never ends.

Group rides and road racing in Northumberland was tremendous fun.

As a young lad doing several paper rounds a day to buy a bike. Who would have thought I would ride in Dubai, Oman,
France, Spain, Portugal and the US. (But not Italy as yet!!)

My aim is to cycle more miles than I’ve driven.

Building on this passion for cycling and a
career in sports product development, sales and brand development our inspiration
is to combine the latest in performance technology with the emotion we and all
cyclists feel on our bikes

Daniel Swan

Riding my bike has always been a defining part of who I am.
I often joke that I am more comfortable on two wheels than I am on two feet.
Sometimes I’m not sure if it is a joke. I find comfort on my bike, its mentally
and physically great for me.

From a young age I was always on two wheels. First MTB with
my Dad and brother in the South of England then I fell in love with BMX. I
remember fondly the effort to land a trick. Trying over and over again. I was
never really any good but it was great fun and I credit my bike handling to my
BMX days.

At some point I moved away from the skatepark and began
riding road bikes. I fell in love with the spirit of a fast moving peloton and
the feeling of riding long distances early in the morning.

This hobby grew and grew into what is now basically a part
time job for me. I currently race professionally for Automatic Racing. They are
a US focused team mainly attending criterium and road events throughout the
calendar year. It is currently off-season in the US and so we are focused on
training and building the team ready for next year which promises some exciting

I never thought I would be racing at this level. I always
approached it one step at a time. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have
the support I have within the sport and hope that both myself and the team can
encourage more and more people to get on bikes at any level.

Outside of riding my passion for cycling continues into my
work for Mektrax. I want to build a brand that people can rely on to perform
and keep them safe while having fun. I think the cycling market has a long way
to go within the fashion industry and I believe we can help bridge that gap
with emotion and technology.

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