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Care Instructions

Technology and Emotion

At Mektrax, we are passioned about creating products with technology so that you can live the emotion of cycling. We carefully design and manufacture our garments with selected fabrics and materials. They are designed to allow you to deliver your best performance, in comfort while looking great. However, they do require extra care when using, washing and drying to make sure you get the most of them. So here are our care recommendations:

Before and during using:

Never use sun creams, oils and muscles heating products under the elastic garments. These type of products speed up the usury of the textile fibers made of Spandex.

To avoid pilling, we suggest not to use rough saddles and keep the items away from pointed or rough objects.

After Using:

Never hang up the garments directly under the sun light or inside wet and airless rooms. In case of high sweating of the body, give wash to the garments after each use in order to protect the fibers from the bacterias.

To avoid the usury of the fabrics, the suggestion is washing them after each use in order to maintain the quality of the fibers.

Washing and Drying:

  • Hand washing in cold water is recommended for longer lasting garments
  • If you use the washing machine, washing bags, a gentle cycle and warm water (max 30º) are suggested. Wash your garments alone from other type of wear, in order to avoid rubbings and consider washing dark and bright colours separately
  • Always use quality washing detergent
  • Before washing, reverse the items keeping the stitching outside
  • Do not wash the garments together with gloves, backpacks and shoe covers made with velcro inserts
  • Never centrifuge or use dryer machines
  • To remove water in excess, wring out the items by hand
  • Do not use fabric softeners and bleachers
  • Please remember to always read the care label on each garment before washing

Speed In Mind

With ultra-lightweight fabrics and an aggressive racing fit this jersey is built for speed. Advanced fabric breathability so you can keep pushing during those intense efforts.

Bold Style

For our most aggressive performing fabrics we had to have a bit of fun with its look. Bold, Loud, StandOut. You won't be missed in this jersey.

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